Naming The Animals

I am participating in the group exhibition Naming the Animals at Curious Matter.

This is from the catalog essay:

In our collective effort to understand the world, we’re driven to name and catalog everything around us. From the detailed observations of prehistoric cave painters through modern ecology and zoology, humans have been compelled to describe and render the other living things that inhabit the earth. Not necessarily purely aesthetic or scientific, naming and cataloging can include the assignment of moral or metaphorical associations. Implicit in these actions is our desire to declare and understand ourselves.

Please go to the Curious Matter site to read the entire essay.
Naming the Animals is a two part exhibition in cooperation with Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn and runs from 
April 3 - May 15, 2011 at Curious Matter
and from April 16 - July 17, 2011 at Proteus Gowanus.

Included in the show are the following artists:


Lasse Antonsen
Julia Whitney Barnes
Jill Marleah Bell
John Bell
Arthur Bruso
Travis Childers
Matthew Cox
Joanna Ebenstein
Veronica Frenning
Patti Jordan
Heather Layton
Ross Bennett Lewis
Carrie Lincourt
Eric Lindveit
Colette Male
Marianne McCarthy
Florence Alfano McEwin
Hans van Meeuwen
Raymond E. Mingst
Elizabeth Misitano
R. Wayne Parsons
Inna Razumova
Debra Regh
Andrew Cornell Robinson


Kristi Arnold
William Brovelli
Christian Brown
Ryan Browning
Travis Childers
Clair Chinnery
Eileen Ferara
Richard Haymes
Ellie Irons
Katherine McLeod
Suzanne Norris
Melissa Stern
Jennie Suddick
Tricia Zimic

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