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The blog Lend Me Your Eyes, by Antonio Estavez recently wrote about Psychopomp,  Curious Matter and me. Here is the first paragraph:

As I walked up the stairs leading to Curious Matters Gallery, an intimate space in the downtown Jersey City area, I couldn’t help but relate to Alice’s venture into Wonderland. Curiouser and curiouser indeed! I discovered many an art gem at this humble destination for art lovers tucked away on 5th street. Fortunately for me, art pioneers Arthur Bruso and Raymond Mingst are practically my neighbors, so I didn’t have to tumble down a rabbit hole to get there. Which is pretty good considering that I’m a rather lithe lad with long hair that tends to get knotty (not to be confused with naughty, unless its a Saturday night, wink…wink… :)

To read the rest go to Lend Me Your Eyes, "Curiouser and Curiouser, Curious Matters Haunt Me."

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