Between Worlds

I participated in the Between Worlds exhibition at Curious Matter which ran September 14-October 19, 2008 with the following artists:

Ali Aschman
Yiftach Belsky
Ryan Browning
Arthur Bruso
Peter H. Everett
Amy Finkelstein
Maureen Foster
Ronald Gonzalez
Michael Heroux
Yvonne Kleiman
Sebastian Lemm
Ross Bennett Lewis
Marianne McCarthy
Joan Mellon
Richard Metz
Raymond E. Mingst
Jeanne Mischo
Matt Pych
Carol Radsprecher
Brooke Rogers
Anthony Santella
Lisa Taliano
Kikuko Tanaka
Jamie Marie Waelchli
Alyssa Taylor Wendt
John J. Zirkelbach

Here is the introductory paragraph of the catalog essay:

There are locations in this world that have accumulated a reputation for existing outside the normal experience of a place. Whether through legend, rumor or fear, they are perceived to be an exchange point between the world of the senses and the extrasensory. These are the spaces claimed by no one, such as: the crossroads whose center belongs to no direction; the hedge, straddling the boundary of the tamed garden and the wilderness; and the threshold, holding the house from the greater world. In this exhibition, Between Worlds, the artists follow their curiosity into these amorphous realms that put our nerves on edge––existing on the boundaries of the known and unknown––and give us their vision of what they find there.

Please go to Curious Matter to read the complete essay. The Between Worlds catalog is available from Lulu.com

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