Dangerous Toys

I was selected for participation in the Dangerous Toys exhibition at Curious Matter. Dangerous Toys was curated by SASHA CHAVCHAVADZE.

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.
Step on a nail, put your father in jail.
Step in a hole, break your mother’s sugar bowl.
Step on a line, you break your mother’s spine.
Step in a ditch, your mother’s nose will itch.
–Children’s Rhymes


Playing With Matches

I’VE BEEN PLAYING WITH MATCHES FOR YEARS. I make assemblages of multi-colored matches that I display with historical documents and photographs in a “one-room Cold War museum” called the Museum of Matches. When I work with matches I feel a sense of danger and risk, but also the imaginative excitement of a child playing with a toy. The imminent possibility of both creation and destruction is always at hand.
To read more visit Curious Matter.
Artists selected for participation:
Arthur Bruso
Raymond E. Mingst
Debra Regh
Lance Rutledge

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