Dividing Light Measuring Darkness

I am participating in this group exhibition at Curious Matter:

And of a sudden he is off again on his wanderings, passing from light to shadow, from shadow to light, unheedingly. –Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies

"Photons first appeared ten seconds after the Big Bang, signaling the first light. In the Judeo-Christian tradition God separated light from darkness on the first day of Creation. In Greek Mythology Nyx (night) with her consort Erebos (darkness) gave birth to Hemera (day). In all of these systems, from ancient myth to modern science, light comes out of darkness. Light and darkness are separate entities, but dependent upon one another. With “Dividing Light Measuring Darkness,” Curious Matter explores our diverse human responses to the benign physical properties of light and darkness."

To read the rest of the essay, go to Curious Matter. The exhibition runs from October 1 to November 6, 2011 with the following artists:

Arthur Bruso
Joseph Cavalieri
Ken Collins
Jaclyn Conley
Brian Edgerton
Peter Emerick
Jennifer Ewald
Daniel John Gadd
Tom Hollenback
Erin Rachel Hudak
Patti Jordan
Hannah Kirkpatrick
Tom Koken
Heidi Lau
Ross Bennett Lewis
Abraham McNally
Raymond E. Mingst
Alexandra Momin
David Moreira
Kym O’Donnell
Joey Parlett
Robert Schatz
Hyun-Joon Yoon

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