The curator, Vincent Como selected two pieces of mine for inclusion in this exhibition.

This is from the curator's statement:

Expanding on the idea of the Psychopomp, both as a potential guide to the afterlife and in the Jungian sense as a mediator between conscious and unconscious states, I wanted to approach this exhibition as broadly as possible. To allow for the referencing of Familiars and Shamanic escorts as well as push the boundaries of the inherent idea of transition between states of being/matter/consciousness resulting in a diversity of thinking and actualization. The artists and works in the exhibition range from the subtle and mischievous to the direct and succinct with a varied material lexicon.

You can read the entire statement on the Curious Matter site.
I am exhibiting the with the following artists:


Vika Adutova
Andrew Blaize Bovasso
William Brovelli
Arthur Bruso
Vincent Como
Colleen Cunningham
Marisa Dipaola
Julia Forrest
Carrie Fucile
Christopher Garcia
Susan Kirby
Raymond E. Mingst
Talia Shulze
Paul Simmons
Kelly Vetter
Brandy Worsfold

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