cotton string, polyester patch, wax, monofilament, archival board, wood, acrylic paint,
tissue paper, glass
4 7/8"h. x 6 3/8”w. x 2 7/8”d.

From the Greek meaning “cloud,” nebulae are clouds of gases, dust particles and plasma drifting through space. The various states of matter in the clouds have a gravitational attraction to each other and often coalesce into stars or other space bodies. For this reason, they are considered to be incubators for astronomical objects. Not all nebulae give birth to stars however. Some are the remnants of super nova and thus are the last vestiges of stars before they snuff out.

Nebula, concentrates on the creation aspect of these interstellar clouds, with the string representing the gas and particles. Toward the back of the box is a dark colored star shape which is the birth of a new space object.

Although I do not peer through telescopes tracking the vastness of space, I am intently interested in cosmology for the magnitude and mysteriousness of the processes that unfold in the universe. I see a connection with the natural physical mechanism of the universe and, mythology and magic. It is this shadowy area where human experience and imagination converge that inspires my visual ideas.

Nebula was exhibited in Poison at Curious Matter, April 5 - May 17, 2009.

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