constructions & photograms
by Arthur Bruso

June 22 - August 10, 2008

This was a solo exhibition of my work at Curious Matter.

Following is the first question of an interview that was reproduced in the printed materials for the exhibition.

In conversation with Arthur Bruso
By Raymond E. Mingst

REM: The collection of work in your new show
ÆTHER is comprised of photograms as well as small box constructions with titles such as “Pulsar,” “Dark Matter” and “Wormhole.” Would you tell me about the science of the exhibit? AB: A pulsar is a star that sends out bursts of energy at regular intervals. In my box, I use white beads to show this. Dark matter is a theoretical idea used to explain missing matter in the universe that shows up in mathematical calculations, but doesn’t seem present in the universe we observe. I’ve used a tangle of wire to stand in for this missing element. Wormhole is another theoretical phenomenon used in discussions related to time in the universe. It is supposed to be a connection between one part of space and another or one universe and another. My wormhole is a tube that connects a blue universe with a black universe. The tube ends in a ball on each side to offer a visual termination. The boxes are my interpretation of phenomenons that occur in space. The workings of space and the universe have fascinated me for ages. All this stuff is going on a scale that I find almost unimaginable, on a time scale that is incomprehensible to me. In my photographic series, Into the Magic Space, I touched on many of the same ideas of space and the universe in a more conceptual way. With the boxes I am being slightly more descriptive.

Please visit Curious Matter to read the entire interview.

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