PennDesign Alumni Exhibition

I participated in the group exhibition of PennDesign Alumni, which was up from January 16 - 29, 2008 at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City. These are the works that I presented and my statement from the catalog.

Morningside Folly
split tone photograph

The ancient Greeks understood the spirit of place. That palpable feeling of the energy present in a particular spot or feature in the landscape. Grottoes, meadows, lakes, groves, rocks, trees, streams and even fountains were all inhabited or guarded by a particular nymph - the spirit of the place. The nymph could be immortal or not, depending on the nature of where and what they were associated with. A stream could dry or a grotto stay the same for centuries; each shares its particular character with the nymph. Morningside Folly is my attempt at capturing that spirit of place and making it visible. It is at once the essence of the place and the effects of time that are my focus.

LOOKING AT SEEING - No. 2 - Variance in the Sensitivity to Green Light

The following artists exhibited:

Urshula Barbour
Mary Jaye Blanchard
Roger Braimon
Arthur Bruso
Maya Brym
Annett Cords
Lisa Dinhofer
Ian Michael Eckert
Paul Fabozzi
Marian Froehlich
John Harris
Wiliam Holton
Pernot Hudson
James Juszczyk
Ellen Kahn
Saeri Kiritani
Phyllis Krim
Michael Langenstein
Linnea Paskow
Janis Salek
Karen F. Santry
Douglas Shiller
Davis C. Terry
Delmira Valladares
Majorie Van Cura
Brian Zegeer
Susan Ziegler

catalog cover

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