Hocus Pocus

I participated in the group exhibition Hocus Pocus at Curious Matter. The exhibition was held from March 30 - May 4, 2008 with the following artists:

Arthur Bruso
Aimée Burg
Vincent Como
Tara Giannini
Yuko Kobayashi
Bryan Lauch & Petra Pokos
Ross Bennett Lewis
Marianne McCarthy
Michael Nathaniel Meyer
Raymond E. Mingst
Carol Petino
Zach Rockhill
Anthony Santella
Rachael Serbinski
Laurie Sheridan
Rebecca Sittler Schrock
Brea Souders
P. Teramode
Jennie Thwing
Kelly Vetter
Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Jenn Wong
Suejin Youn
John J. Zirkelbach

The first paragraph of the catalog essay sets the theme:

Among the theories to the origin of the rhyme Hocus Pocus, it is either a true incantation in ancient ritual magic, or a pseudo-Latin phrase used by medieval sleight-of-hand performers to parody the Church and the idea of transubstantiation, while distracting the audience from the sham being perpetrated on stage.

Please go to Curious Matter the read the complete essay.
The catalog for Hocus Pocus is available at Lulu.com or from Curious Matter.

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