I was a participant in the group exhibition
at Curious Matter.
It was on view from September 16 - October 27, 2007 with the following artists:

Fanny Allié
Sarah Anderson
Aaron M. Brown
Arthur Bruso
Alex Callender
Peter A. Davis
Ana Maria Delgado
Jimmy Fike
Bonnie Gloris
Dan Langston
Ross Bennett Lewis
Raymond E. Mingst
Jeanne Aulaire Mischo
Matt Pych
Carol Quint
Carol Radsprecher
Katie Sehr
Shawn Taylor
Yoshitaka Teramoto
Marc Valega
Kelly Vetter
John J. Zirkelbach

The catalog essay sets the concept of the exhibition by beginning:

In answer to her prayers to understand the suffering of Christ as he was dying on the cross, St. Theresa of Avila, was given the experience of an angel piercing her heart with a golden arrow. Seventy years after her death, Bernini read her account of this experience and created his Ecstasy of St. Theresa in an effort to depict in visual form, St. Theresa’s personal apparition. In this exhibition, it was our intention to assemble works of art that attempt to make visible that which may not only be invisible, but also intimately personal.

Please go to Curious Matter to read the entire essay and view images from the exhibition.

The catalog is available at Lulu.com or from Curious Matter.

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